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LEX Screenshots - What is new in version 1.4.002 ?

This page show the most important new features and abilities of LEX - The LDAP Explorer v1.4.002 in screenshots. You can get a detailed list of all technical changes introduced and bugs removed in this version in the LEX changelog website.

Observation Factory

LEX now has an ability to observe in real time an object on multiple LDAP servers simultaneously. This is e.g. very useful if you want to have a closer look at the process of a directory replication. You can monitor an object or important attributes of an object in the Observation Factory so that you can see exactly when and where the appropriate changes were made to the directory data.

LEX Observation Factory

In the observation Factory, you can check for example whether one of your AD domain controllers replicated properly with the other. Or you could watch in which time interval and with what order objects are changed during the synchronization between different meta directories.