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LEX ChangeLog / Version Information

LEX - 1.5.003 (04 May 2016)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Minor improvments and bugfixes. LEX runs on .NET Framework 4.5.1 now.

Hashes for LEX.MSI

MD5 - 74acd730b356cb5ad402daefa57dfc61
SHA1 - e88f0baffdc16ae45337d56f1f1c2327dad13ef0

Hashes for LEX.EXE
MD5 - c68183007ae8bf0c8caaa46a3af85eda
SHA1 - dbbc9f61db21d39e3672784678af7c0ba7895667

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000293: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Some dialogs have incorrect geometry with changed DPI settings.
0000305: [Import / Export Function] When LEX exports object lists to Excel - any other Excel instance is closed when the export is done.
0000304: [LDAP Server Connection] Dialog for LDAP connection stays on top, a server detection result dialog is hidden behind it.
0000306: [Other] LEX is still based on .NET framework 2.0, it should use .NET framework 4.5.1 instead.
0000303: [Other] LEX crashes at application launch when the regional settings for date/time display was changed.
0000294: [Object Comparison] In object comparison, there is incorrect multivalue compare when object was newly selected.
0000295: [Object Comparison] In object comparison, text values are treated as Case Sensitive.

LEX - 1.5.002 (24 Mar 2013)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Minor improvments and bugfixes.

Hashes for LEX.MSI

MD5 - 0375b61c7a11bc14cdf6dcb229ad83f7
SHA1 - af02deaa9977a0fdcf1eedf3575ac4e4f6cae922

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000292: [Observation Factory] Obersavtion factory cannot detect correctly if an LDAP server is not reachable at all.
0000289: [Other] Lex freezes when connected with Windows 8 to Windows 2012 Server.
0000291: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] In some Windows layouts, the dialogs for attribute editors or some message windows are partial unreadable.
0000290: [Other] Sometimes LEX is stuck in Read-Only mode when you use the trial version without product license.

LEX - 1.5.000 (06 Oct 2013)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

First version with Treemap Factory: Cushion treemap visualization of LDAP directory structures.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000284: [Attribute List] In the attribute dialog "Use in filter factory" - there shoud be a "Use directly as object list filter" button.
0000281: [Edit Function] Editor: MS NTSecurity attributes - LEX cannot add ACE inheritance flag if you are not admin.
0000279: [Filter Factory] Time-relative LDAP Filters are not working if loaded from disk.
0000286: [Import / Export Function] LEX crashes if you export an object list which contains AD objectGUID attributes.
0000282: [Import / Export Function] When exporting object list, provide option for CSV. In there, export fields that contain commas
                with quotation marks.
0000283: [Menu Functions] Object list filter dropdown box is flickering if blink feature is active.
0000287: [Object List] LEX could show the AD group type (like LIZA does).
0000288: [Object List] LEX could show the AD user states (like LIZA does for disabled or locked accounts).
0000285: [Other] LEX should have an IPC channel interface so that other Utilities could pass objects to be displayed in LEX.
0000047: [Other] If users customized the window's screen font size to higher DPIs, some dialogs are unreadable.
0000263: [Other] Introduction of a "Treemap" factory.
0000280: [Other] LEX needs a Debug Version which can write diagnostics output to disk.

LEX - 1.4.002 (11 Oct 2012)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Minor improvments and bugfixes in the Observation Factory.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000273: [Observation Factory] Observation Factory server names are wrong
0000274: [Observation Factory] Observation Factory window spans multiple monitors
0000275: [Observation Factory] Not all servers appear in DC selection list for Observation Factory
0000278: [Observation Factory] In an empty ObservationFactory, it's not possible to choose another object to be monitored in the first panel
0000277: [Observation Factory] Observation Factory window height is too big - exceeding the monitor size

LEX - 1.4.000 (06 Oct 2012)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

First Version with Observation Factory (=> realtime multi-server object monitoring and comparison).
Minor improvments in multi-object edit functions and minor bugfixes.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000271: [Attribute List] AD: Not displaying custom attributes
0000270: [Edit Function] Multi-object edit: Atribute reference values doesnt work as expected sometimes (PhilippFoeckeler) - resolved.
0000055: [Other] Multi-Server object/attribute comparison
0000272: [Other] LEX application hungs sometimes for up to 20 secs when programm starts

LEX - 1.3.006 (30 Apr 2012)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

First Version which can be configured with command line parameters.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000268: [Edit Function] If you copy (CTRL-C) an unfolded multivalue attribute together with the header line, there is a runtime exception
0000260: [Filter Factory] There should be a possibility to ad-hoc-insert a complete filter string in the Filter Factory constructor
0000265: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] The "Write Access" / "Read Only Access" messages should be changed to "Write Mode" / "Read Only Mode"
0000262: [Import / Export Function] Export to excel sheet creates TEXT values for date and times -> they cannot sorted correctly by Excel
0000267: [LDAP Server Connection] LDP connection fails if a user opens a saved LDAP connection as an additional connection
0000269: [Object Comparison] If you compare two objects in Read-Only mode, the "Add New Attirbute" button is still active on the right side
0000266: [Object List] Object list coumn order gets lost in some situations
0000264: [Other] LEX should have command line parameters to specify the LDAP connection
0000261: [Other] The Splashscreen "Please obatin a valid license" show up far too often in the trial version

LEX - 1.3.005 (29 May 2010)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Maintenance Release - Slight improvments and bug fixes.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000252: [Edit Function] If you edit a DN value with shortname output (no CN=...), then an LDAP Error 34 (BAD DN) occurs
0000258: [Edit Function] It is map not possible to load an image file into an empty bitmap attribute
0000257: [Edit Function] If you switch between hex editor and text output for an empty binary attribute, a unneccessary warning appears
0000253: [Edit Function] Multi-Object Edit : LEX cannot remove a single array element of a certain attribute for a list of objects
0000259: [LDAP Server Connection] LEX cannot connect to directory servers if a special character (UTF-8 2-byte char) is used in the password
0000254: [Object Tree View] Jumping (ctrl+j) to an object (e.g. from an array of group members to a distinct group member) leads to a
                hidden window somtimes
0000256: [Other] LEX crashes sometimes without runtime error when moving a lot (>1000) objects to another container
0000255: [Pipe Factory] Pipe Factory scripts are not executed if there are " chars necessary for the exec path

LEX - 1.3.002 (19 Oct 2010)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Maintenance Release - Slight improvments and bug fixes.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000243: [Attribute List] Very large multivalued attributes are displayed incorrectly by LEX when several ";binary" options are sent
0000222: [Attribute List] There should be a feature to resolve the AD SID attributes (like tokenGroup) to real objects
0000244: [Edit Function] LEX cannot convert octect string data which represents Unicode into readable text
0000246: [Edit Function] LEX crash if you edit a empty numeric LDAP filter and choose bitfield although there is no value yet
0000245: [Filter Factory] LEX crash when you use the "Construct" button and the filter text is empty (Filter Factory / Complex Search Filter)
0000140: [LDAP Server Connection] LEX should have the possibility to send keep-alive signals to an LDAP server
0000247: [Object List] User should have the possibility to apply an object list filter without opening the application options dialog
0000250: [Search Functions] Users cannot reconfigure the LDAP base or LDAP filter in the search result window
0000249: [Search Functions] Object Search: If only one single object is found, then it's not neccessary to open a sparated result window

LEX - 1.3.000 (18 Jul 2010)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

First version with Backlink Attribute Handling and Pipe Factory.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000236: [Attribute List] Runtime error if you open a standalone attribute window for objects that have attributes with MANY values
0000227: [Attribute List] For pasting attribute value, the handling for multivalue clipboard pasting could be more exact
0000087: [Edit Function] Definition of backlink attributes to automate backlinking for example for member/memberof
0000237: [Edit Function] The bitflag editor for userAccountControl could also be used for msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed
0000235: [Edit Function] LEX cannot write back a AD security descriptor if the inheritance flag was removed
0000230: [Edit Function] LEX should be able to show GUID attributes as GUID strings (and not as binary values)
0000229: [Edit Function] LEX cannot decode AD userAccountControl bit 0x04000000 (PARTIAL_SECRETS_ACCOUNT)
0000240: [Filter Factory] Filter Factory cannot handle filters which contains DN path options; like (ou:dn:=Test
0000242: [Import / Export Function] The images for the export dialog should be marked clearly as samples)
0000241: [Object List] LEX could display multivalued attributes in an object list column as a comma separated string value...
0000238: [Object List] When users starts to enter a object name in the list, the selections jumps only to entries BELOW the current selection
0000232: [Object Tree View] When loading treeviews from XML cache files, LEX shows a wrong overall number of containers sometimes
0000231: [Object Tree View] During partial treeview update, LEX saves the treeview to the XML cache file even if there are no changes
0000017: [Pipe Factory] Pipe Factory
0000234: [Schema Evaluation/Access] LEX cannot decode Microsoft SIDs to readable names in AD LDS (ADAM) environments
0000228: [Schema Evaluation/Access] Not all schema classes for AD domain object are evaluated by LEX
0000239: [Search Functions] LEX search dialog error when using 'Construct' button. Old LDAP filter is still in the internal filter cache
0000233: [Search Functions] After using a complex LDAP filter in the search dialog, the filter string is not transferred into the Filter Factory

LEX - 1.2.004 (28 Feb 2010)
 Screenshots of the new features in this version

Many improvements for Active Directory environments:

- LEX can set passwords for AD acounts now
- Taking ownership on objects is possible now
- Many new specific editors for bit flag attributes:
  (userAccountControl, dsHeuristics, systemFlags, searchFlags, groupType, sAMAccountType)

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000212: [Edit Function] LEX should have function to edit a bitfield to set a flag in an attribute for several objects concurrently
0000217: [Edit Function] AD Permissions cannot be set if an object from another domain or namespace is in the ACL
0000224: [Filter Factory] When LDAP filters can be loaded from disk, there should be sub-categories for the Filters
0000177: [Filter Factory] When a user saves an LDAP filter, there should be an "relative" button ("all objs that was created TODAY")
0000223: [LDAP Server Connection] In the connection info, there should be some details about the LDAP port and the authentication type
0000218: [LDAP Server Connection] Dialog for entering the LDAP connection password shows now text cursor.
0000216: [Menu Functions] LEX cannot jump to a favorite menu entry if it's an object on the same server, but in another namespace
0000226: [Object Creation] For AD environments, LEX could explicitely set the correct SamAccountType for new 'computer' objects
0000220: [Other] LEX should have the possibility to take ownership of Active Directory objects
0000209: [Other] LEX should have the possibility to set user passwords
0000189: [Other] User cannot launch LEX without installing it (Portable Version for LEX)
0000225: [Schema Evaluation/Access] In AD environments, LEX doesn't detect the auxiliary object classes of 'computer' objects correctly
0000219: [Schema Evaluation/Access] If LEX connects to a Active Directory global catalog, not all the possible information are read from the schema

LEX - 1.2.003 (07 Jan 2010)

First version with AD Tombstone Reanimation / AD Recycle Bin access

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000204: [Edit Function] Automatic ReSize of hex editor doesn't work when editing bitmap attributes
0000208: [Filter Factory] Single-Filter editor doesn't accept a drop-down selected attribute name if a '-' is part of this name
0000207: [Filter Factory] LDAP Filter Factory claims that a filter is invalid if there are some blanks in the filter string
0000206: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Connection Info should show info about SSL and could be easier to handle
0000213: [Import / Export Function] Object List Export to Excel should not insert an AutoFilter if there is no header line configured.
0000214: [LDAP Server Connection] Error message for invalid server SSL certificates shows always the same error status information
0000202: [LDAP Server Connection] LDAP connect error when users try to open RootDSE in the LDAP Connections dialog with tcp-port <> 389.
0000203: [LDAP Server Connection] If a LDAP connection profile is stored to disk with unknown dirtype, the dirtype is never evaluated again
0000200: [LDAP Server Connection] Runtime Error when launching a favorite entry after program start.
0000196: [Object List] LEX could show the new user/group icons if a W2K8 DC is detected
0000205: [Object List] Object list sort order gets lost if you press F5
0000111: [Object Tree View] Treeview directory cache fill operation can be optimized....
0000210: [Other] LEX could offer the possibility to un-delete AD objects (tombstone re-animation)
0000201: [Other] In Active Directory environments, the "Deleted Objects" container should be visible and accessible

LEX - 1.2.002 (31 Oct 2009)

First Official Release

Context sensitive online manual help file can be launched now with F1.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000199: [Docu / Help Function] Context sensitive manual / online help dosn't show up when users press F1

LEX - 1.2.001 (14 Oct 2009)

Second Release Candidate for Official Release 1.2

First version with online manual / help file

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000043: [Attribute List] When the schema is NOT evaluated, hex attributes cannot be handled as usual
0000091: [Attribute List] For unknown attribute types, LEX should at least determine whether it's an hex or string value.
0000198: [Edit Function] Attribute editor crashes when creating new attribute and choosing MS DN with String
0000068: [Edit Function] Atribute userCertificate and others require the ";binary" option, LEX cannot handle this
0000195: [Edit Function] An indicator for ReadWrite/ReadOnly access mode would be great
0000197: [Edit Function] Minor problem in AD permission editor - user cannot edit the permission scope directly
0000193: [Edit Function] When Hex Editor is switched to ASCII mode, wrong data is written to the directory in some cases.
0000191: [Edit Function] Runtime Error after a container object was moved (previously selected in the treeview)
0000187: [Edit Function] There should be an editor for bitmap attributes
0000186: [Edit Function] When connected to an AD domain controller over SSL LDAP, the permission editor cannot resolve SIDs
0000194: [Import / Export Function] Export dialog buttons are quite confusing - clarification of settings is needed
0000188: [LDAP Server Connection] Sometimes connection times out with "Client side timeout"
0000190: [Object Creation] Object reation fails sometimes when special characters are in the object name
0000192: [Object Tree View] After container move operations, the tree structure is not updated correctly
0000184: [Search Functions] Objects in the search result window cannot be moved

LEX - 1.2.000 (22 Aug 2009)

First Release Candidate for Official Release 1.2

Comes with complete edit functions in compare mode and fine granular attribute set filters

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000179: [Attribute List] Context menu option "Set empty value" is not working
0000176: [Attribute List] There should be the possibility to include/exclude attributes from the object attribute evaluation.
0000185: [Edit Function] LEX should have an attribute syntax editor for openldap user passwords (with hash function)
0000182: [Filter Factory] The global search button in the fiter facory doesn't use any filter in the results
0000172: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] LEX should show the panel replacement buttons only if the mouse stand still for half a second
0000170: [Import / Export Function] LDIF import ignores last line in LDIF files if the files ends with a BASE64 encoded value without trailing blank line
0000171: [Import / Export Function] LDIF modify operations fail
0000022: [LDAP Server Connection] No information about server certificates....
0000173: [LDAP Server Connection] LEX should show when the connection to the LDAP server is SSL protected
0000178: [LDAP Server Connection] LDAP connection profiles should contain the object list column state and the attribute list filter
0000180: [LDAP Server Connection] For some LDAP servers, LEX could not detect the server type correctly
0000013: [Object Comparison] Select obj button in attribute compare window not working
0000056: [Object Comparison] Object comparison doesn't work with objects on different servers
0000175: [Object Comparison] When comparing objects, all edit functions should be accessible for both objects.
0000057: [Object Comparison] LEX cannot switch to compare mode if user examine a single object in the att window.
0000169: [Object Tree View] LEX starts with an (almost) empty directory tree sometimes.
0000168: [Object Tree View] Tree reload hangs sometimes when there is no child container in the tree.

LEX - 1.1.017 (21 May 2009)

Maintenance Release

Performace is optimized for large object lists and huge directory hierachies.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000103: [Attribute List] Very large groups need the ";Range" option in LDAP search, LEX cannot handle this
0000089: [Edit Function] When deleting a large number of objects, the cursor should change and LEX should be freezed
0000167: [Edit Function] When user delete many objects, there should be the possibility to abort the whole process
0000159: [Edit Function] LEX needs the ability to write empty attributes, this is possible only in LDIF imports right now
0000153: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] ADS permission edit dialog: Adding an entry doesn't resize the visibility area inside the window sometimes
0000165: [Import / Export Function] When reading large LDIF files for directory imports, LEX should remain reactive and show a progress bar
0000162: [Import / Export Function] Object list export to excel fails if multivalues should be exported to one line each
0000095: [LDAP Server Connection] There should be an automatic detection for LDAP page size parameters on AD directories
0000164: [Object List] LEX should use virtual mode in the object list for better performance in huge lists
0000163: [Object List] LEX should handle Ctrl-A and Shift-Mark in very large object lists better - very slow in selecting objects here
0000166: [Object Tree View] IF initial directory tree cache fails, there should be an "Ignore this Error / Ignore All Errors"

LEX - 1.1.016 (14 Apr 2009)

First Version with LDIF import.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000145: [Edit When moving objects, the "select destination container" dialog should be more comfortable
0000144: [Edit Function] Text selection with mouse moves in attribute edit dialogs is strange for normal text
0000151: [Edit Function] When opening the edit window for octet string attributes, the auto-width-adjustment doesn't work
0000148: [Filter Factory] Context menu option "Use in filter factory" causes crash when clicked for multivalue attribute line
0000157: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Wrong window metrics in Standard XP scheme in the "use in filter factory" dialog  for integers
0000154: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Strange color effects in Windows XP standard scheme when using the ADS permission editor
0000160: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Bold color is lost when fold/unfold mandatory attributes in MultiEdit Dialog / Object Creation Dialog
0000142: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Edit window placement and size is strange sometimes (when last edit window was maximized)
0000155: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Tab Order in Filter Factory window is not correct
0000156: [GUI (Dialogs and Windows)] Tab Order in ADS permission dialog window is not correct
0000060: [Import / Export Function] LDIF Import is not working yet
0000149: [Import / Export Function] Object list export to excel seems to loose the last character of multivalue attributes somtimes
0000150: [Import / Export Function] Output in separate files produces non-UTF8 results when exporting string values
0000093: [LDAP Server Connection] On large directory connects, there should be a info message for long cache built-up wait times
0000076: [Object Creation] Attribute highlighting is not correct if a user fold/unfold a MUST attribute in obj creation window
0000143: [Other] Online update doesn't open the update website

LEX - 1.1.015 (07 Mar 2009)

First Version with XML and LDIF export capabilities.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000141: [Edit Function] Line colors not correct in multiedit window
0000058: [Import / Export Function] XML export is not implemented yet
0000059: [Import / Export Function] LDIF Export is not working
0000028: [LDAP Server Connection] Detect Server dialog results are sometimes fragmentary if no server could be detected
0000027: [LDAP Server Connection] Detect Server dialog doesn't show any progress information while searching
0000085: [Object List] Load/Save should be possible when you choose the columns for the object list
0000134: [Object List] Minimum column width should set to a reasonable value
0000135: [Object List] LEX should manage to add several attributes as object list column at once
0000139: [Object Tree View] LEX crashes in "Select Mode" when LEX is closed while reloading the treeview with F5
0000138: [Object Tree View] LEX crashes sometimes when reloading the directory tree (F5) in "Select Mode"
0000137: [Object Tree View] LEX craches if directory tree root is marked and option "go up to parent" (BACKSPACE or button) is chosen
0000128: [Object Tree View] Pseudo container treeview seems not to work in SunEnterpriseDirectoryServer 6.3
0000130: [Object Tree View] Option "Attributes" from the context menu in the directory treeview leads to an application hung
0000063: [Schema Evaluation/Access] LEX crashes after changing connection settings in the options menu dialog
0000131: [Search Functions] Search results window: Opening the attribute pane leads to a crash
0000133: [Window/Thread Handling] It is not neccesary to store separate column data (for each LDAP server type) for next app launch in registry

LEX - 1.1.014 (09 Feb 2009)

First Version with full cut and paste functions for attribute values.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000086: [Edit Function] Hex editor should be capable to load/save hex data from/to files
0000096: [Edit Function] Copy/Paste function inside the HEX editor is not working
0000084: [Edit Function] Copy and paste for attributes
0000124: [Edit Function] NT Security Descriptor Editor comes up with a unnecessary reload of the trustee short name resolution.
0000126: [Import / Export Function] File extension for object list Excel exports in Excel 2007 environments changed to *.XLSX
0000127: [Search Functions] Jump from search window results to the object hierachy in the main LEX fails sometimes
0000125: [Object Comparison] Header column width is not stored when users re-open the comparison dialog
0000030: [Object Comparison] Toggle multivalued attribute listing fails if empty schema attributes are there
0000123: [Object Comparison] AppCrash when comparing Dynamic Distribution Groups in ADS

LEX - 1.1.013 (01 Nov 2008)

First version which can edit mulitple object at the same time.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000092: [Edit Function] Multi-Object-Edit is not implemented yet
0000122: [Edit Function] LEX crashes if user switches in multi object editmode the view from friendly output to full DN output
0000118: [LDAP Server Connection] If the last focused object was NOT a container, the next LEX launch results in an error
0000121: [Object Creation] Explicitely created new attributes are not added to the attribute list of the object creation dialog
0000119: [Object Creation] If an attribute is added manually to the attribute list of an object to be created, LEX tries to write it
0000120: [Object Creation] Error occurs when creating an object with octet string attributes
0000100: [Schema Evaluation/Access] Unsufficient handling when the schema isn't used or couldn't be loaded

LEX - 1.1.012 (14 Oct 2008)

First version with subtree rename / move, even if the regarding directory service does not support such operations on non-leaf objects.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000109: [Edit Function] Tree move does not function for directories which only move leaf objects.
0000107: [Edit Function] On objet bulk actions (move, delete), an error dialog should offer "abort, retry, ignore"....
0000112: [Edit Function] Tree rename does not function for directories which only move leaf objects.
0000110: [Object List] "Object not found in the hierachy" error when the base DN contains more than one RDN and is NOT AD.
0000113: [Object Tree View] The treeview reload thread doesn't handle unsorted node items....
0000117: [Other] In terminal sessions, the splash screens should not fade out, this causes too much delay.
0000116: [Schema Evaluation/Access] SearchResult LEX or Secondary LEX window doesnt know any schema information
0000114: [Schema Evaluation/Access] Object creation dialog crash when users try to create an object with multiple SUP classes.

LEX - 1.1.011 (26 Sep 2008)

Maintenance Release

0000108: [LDAP Server Connection] RootDSE display raises error (LDAP server is not responding.....)

LEX - 1.1.010 (25 Sep 2008)

First Version which can move objects.

Bug fixing / Feature sup
0000061: [Edit Function] Object move function is not working yet
0000102: [Import / Export Function] Generalized Timestring / UTC attributes are exported as raw strings instead of an date/time readable string.
0000099: [Object Creation] LEX should remember the last used objectclass in the object creation dialog.
0000101: [Object Creation] Error in object creation in Active Directory because of the AUXILIARY CLASSES.
0000081: [Object List] CTRL-RIGHT / CTRL-LEFT function mismatch when a quick edit textbox is open
0000050: [Object Tree View] When creating or deleting container objects, the tree view window should be updated automatically.
0000005: [Online Update] Online Update function is not implemented yet
0000064: [Other] LEX cache and profile data should have the default directory in the users profile
0000071: [Other] Many Message Boxes are still old style. They should be transformed into LEX-style message boxes.
0000094: [Search Functions] The search window doesn't store a changed window size
0000104: [Window/Thread Handling] LEX crashes with NULL exceptions when LEX is closed immidiately after program launch. port:

LEX - 1.1.009 (14 Sep 2008)


First Version which can edit Active Directory permissions (nTSecurityDescriptor).

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000098: [Attribute List] CTRL-A does not work in the attribute list
0000052: [Edit Function] There is no auto name check functions for ALL DN edit fields
0000080: [Edit Function] When users edit the "objectClass" attribute, they should choose from a list of existing classes
0000088: [Edit Function] Error when setting SID attribute msExchMasterAccountSid: Constraint Violation
0000090: [Object List] In search result object lists, the attribute column list is not handled correctly
0000097: [Object List] CTRL-A does not work in the object list
0000065: [Schema Evaluation/Access] AD NTSecurity Descriptor attributes cannot be dispayed correctly

LEX - 1.1.008 (04 Jul 2008)

First Version which can handle schema information of OpenLDAP / iPlanet / DirX and other generic LDAP servers correctly.
First Version which can add object classes to existing objects.
First Version which comes with full ability to add any attribute to an existing object (even without schema evaluation).

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000082: [Attribute List] If an attribute is opened in search result object list, the attribute editor cannot resize the editor forms correctly.
0000079: [Attribute List] Attribute list is NOT complete while evaluating objects in OpenLDAP, DirX and iPLanet servers.
0000054: [Edit Function] There should be a possibility to add new, unknown attributes to an object
0000041: [LDAP Server Connection] Searching the schema subentry results in errors on several directory systems
0000078: [LDAP Server Connection] Error message boxes during connection process are not compatible with the LEX messagebox format
0000077: [Object Creation] Object class superiors should be added automatically if a new object is created
0000040: [Object List] When an error occurred while loading the object list, the cursor in the obj list panel isn't displayed
0000069: [Other] All internal Hashtables should be Case-Insenstitive to boost the access performance with ContainsKey calls...
0000053: [Window/Thread Handling] LEX window title doesnt' change to the new connection sometimes
0000051: [Schema Evaluation/Access] Sometimes LEX dont evaluate the SubSchemaSubentry of OpenLDAP and iPlanet Servers

0000066: [Schema Evaluation/Access] AD SID attribute cannot be displayed correctly

LEX - 1.1.007 (18 Mai 2008)

First Version which is able to create objects.
Mulitple DNs can be added in DN atributes now, short names can be resolved automatically into full DNs (with simple search filters).

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000039: [Attribute List] "Indexed" column in ADS attribute list is shown as "Sys" when opened in an own attribute window.
0000042: [Attribute List] LEX crashes when last LEX was closed with object detailed view was closed in ASCII mode.
0000004: [Edit Function] Edit function is not working yet

0000037: [Edit Function] After Quick-Editing a Distinguished Name, it is never shown in Friendly/Novell
0000038: [Edit Function] Edit window crashes sometimes for DN editing.
0000045: [Import / Export Function] Export function fails sometimes when "Object type" column is to be exported.
0000046: [Import / Export Function] Export crashes
0000048: [Object List] When the ldap base obj of a LEX has no childs, it produces an error at the beginning...
0000044: [Other] The "GC" flag is visible in the search dialog even if there is no connection to an AD Global Catalog.
0000049: [Other] ReadOnly mode is not implemented
0000035: [Window/Thread Handling] Search window should be closed together with a closing parent LEX

LEX - 1.1.006 (06 Mar 2008)

First Version with object change (rename, delete) handling.
Mulitple DNs can be added in DN atributes now, names can be resolved with simple search (like ANR search filters in AD environments).

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000032: [Edit Function] No renaming of server names in AD integrated zone allowed.
0000033: [Object List] Objects with "\+" in their RDN are not displayed correctly in friendly name output.

0000036: [Object Tree View] LDAP errors in partial reloads of the directory tree causes multiple error message windows.

LEX - 1.1.005

First Version with main functions for changing objects (adding / editing attributes)
First Version with fully functional HEX editor.

Bug fixing / Feature support:

0000019: [Attribute List] Toggle Multi/Single Line handling for large arrays.
0000020: [Attribute List] User cannot set the list which DN attributes are presented in a short RDN syntax in the ATT window.
0000023: [Attribute List] User cannot set a flag for time handling: Local Time / GMT in the LEX options.
0000025: [Attribute List] Cursor doesn't indicate a load operation whil loading large attribut lists.
0000029: [Attribute List] Selected attribute is not in the same screen position after list reload.
0000014: [LDAP Server Connection] MaxPageSize Adjust button not working.
0000021: [LDAP Server Connection] User cannot configure the LDAP Connection timeout in the LEX options.
0000024: [Object Comparison] Object comparison for empty attributes (schema activated full attribute list) shows incorrect data- 0000026: [Object List] Cursor doesn't indicate a load operation whil loading large object lists.
0000031: [Other] When toggling between normal and Novel DN notation, the adress combo entry isn't changed.

LEX - 1.1.004

First Edit Functions.
"Adjust Paged Results" button in connect dialog is working...

LEX - 1.1.003

First Preparations of Edit Functions - Edit Dialogs.
Correct output of binary data in Export Functions.
LEX can connect over LDAP/SSL now and can ignore server cert errors.
Several Minor BugFixes.

LEX - 1.1.002

Stable Version with S.DS.P handling
Global Catalog searches in AD environments
Stable compare mode in att windows, minor bugfixing
"Detect Server" button in the connect dialog is working...
Several Minor BugFixes.

Fixed Bugs
0000016: [Menu Functions] Simple search should be personalized to the dDirType
0000010: [Filter Factory] Boolean Filter Editor starts with empty value
0000015: [LDAP Server Connection] Search LDAP Server button not working

LEX - 1.1.001

First Version with full LDAP S.DS.P support.
Several Minor BugFixes.

Fixed Bugs
0000011: [Menu Functions] Report and pipe factory
0000007: [Menu Functions] Menu Connections -> Jump to Object doesnt work
0000003: [Attribute List] Enumeration of ADS attributes in the attribute window take often a very long time (several seconds)
0000006: [Other] Removed ADO functions from the code
0000002: [Object List] move creation of attr_DN, attr_HEX lists from th_get_lst() to main module lex()

LEX - 1.0.68

Filter Factory Constructor added

LEX - 1.0.67

Stable multivalue compare

LEX - 1.0.00

Initial version.