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LEX Screenshots - What is new in version 1.5.002 ?

This page show the most important new features and abilities of LEX - The LDAP Explorer v1.5.002 in screenshots. You can get a detailed list of all technical changes introduced and bugs removed in this version in the LEX changelog website.

TreeMap Factory

LEX 1.5.002 comes with a new visualization technique called cushion treemaps to provide you with a single grafic picture of the entire contents of your directory hierarchy or any sub container in your directory tree. When you are maintain large LDAP directory environments, this visualization lets you quickly identify the containers or organizational units with the most objects in it. Additionally, you can easily see what kind of objects are stored in which containers. This visualization technique called cushion treemaps is used in some popular admin tools for large file systems, like KDIRSTAT, SEQUOIAVIEW or WINDIRSTAT. Here are some screenshots which give you a good impression on the new LEX Treemap Factory:

LEX Treemap Factory - Large Active Directory Forest . LEX Treemap Factory - Exchange Org . LEX Treemap Factory - Configuring object class colors
LEX Treemap Factory - Container view vs. Object view . LEX Treemap Factory - AD Site Structure view . LEX Treemap Factory - Squarified treemap view

New Icons for Active Directory Users and Groups

LEX 1.5.000 evaluates the group type and the user state in an Active Directory environment. You have different icons for domain local groups, global groups and universal groups. And the user icon indicates whether the user is disabled or maybe locked.

Group types in AD environments . User states in AD environments