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LEX Screenshots - What is new in version 1.3.000 ?

This page show the most important new features and abilities of LEX - The LDAP Explorer v1.3.000 in screenshots. You can get a detailed list of all technical changes introduced and bugs removed in this version in the LEX changelog website.

The new Pipe Factory

The Pipe Factory allows you to define any applications or scripts so that they appear as entries in the context menu of the currently selected directory object. If such a pipe-menu item is used, LEX launches the corresponding program or script, passing the LDAP path (distinguished name) of the object as a command line parameters. Thus, any action with directory objects can be quasi integrated as a plug-in into LEX. Works even if there are many objects selected simultaneously in the LDAP browser:

Using the new Pipe Factory

LEX can handle linked attributes automatically

In the application options, you have the new tab 'Linked Attribute Handling' which allows you to configure linked attribute pairs. When you access one of the linked attributes, LEX can automatically change the value on the linked attribute accordingly. An important example: The linked pair of "member / memberOf" or "groupMembership / uniqueMember". When you change the group membership of a user account with LEX, the members list of the regarding group can automatically adjusted if needed:

Linked Attributes: Normal attribut access . Linked Attributes: Automatic backlink change . Linked Attributes Configuration Dialog

Even in cases where the system takes care of this backlink handling internally, this feature is extremely helpful: LEX then recognizes that the attributes to be changed must not be written, but instead changes LEX the related backlink, and the LDAP server system produces the desired relationship. This is particularly important in Active Directory environments (for example if you want to change the "memberOf" attribute of a user and you realize that this is actually a ReadOnly attribute => LEX sets automatically the correct "member" value at the regarding group object). Additionally, LEX recognizes all the pairs of linked attributes and their access characteristics from the AD schema automatically:

Linked Attributes: ReadOnly backlink access . Linked Attributes: Automatic reference change . Schema evaluation for linked attributes

New editor for GUID attributes

LEX can now decode attributes that contain GUID values (Global Unique Identifier) as binary data. For such attributes, there is also a new editor dialog that performs the conversion between GUID strings and hex data.

The GUID value editor . GUID display in object list columns