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Tools - Pipe Factory

Menu options: Pipe Factory

This option open the LEX Pipe Factory. This is a place where you can create and organize script pipes. A script pipe is a definition where one or several directory objects can be passed to any external program or script.


It doesn't matter whether it's an Powershell Script, a VB Script, an batch command file, or any executable - the only thing that counts is the fact that the script/application expects an LDAP distinguished name as a command line parameter, because: If you activate the pipe, the external program or script is called with the full LDAP distinguished name of the regarding object as a command line parameter:

LEX Pipe Factory function

The pipe definitions are accessible as menu items in the dropdown menu of the Tools - Pipe Factory option, or in the context menu of any object in the treeview or object list panel (right mouse click). The regarding option in the context menus is called Pipe to... .

Pipe Factory in the context menu

As you can see: The pipe scripts/applications can be launched for multiple objects if they were selected together before.

The Pipe Factory is shown as the following dialog:

Pipe Factory Dialog

These are the buttons available in the Pipe Factory:

Add Pipe / Edit Pipe Button
This buttons opens the Edit pipe script definition dialog, which allows you to set the pipe's parameters.

Creating a new Pipe

Please remember that the Pipe Command (can be any executable or script file) will be launched with a distinguished name as an additional command line parameter. That means: you can have other parameters which can be listed here in the pipe command configuration, but LEX will add the object's DN if you use this pipe later for a directory object.

The Pipe label in menu text box is the name of the pipe which is displaed in the context menu or in the drop don menu of the Tools - Pipe Factory option. The configuration of a Working Directory is optional, if you omit this setting, the working directory for the pipe script/application will be the same where the executable/script file is stored.

Rename Button
This allows you to rename the pipe entry or the pipe factory sub folder.

New Folder Button
You can create pipe factory sub folders to organize you pipe in sub menus (drop down menus in the context menu).


Move Button
Use this button to move a pipe defintion from one sub folder to another.

Delete Button
Use this button to delete a pipe definition or a pipe factory sub folder.

Another, faster way to open the Pipe Factory: User the CTRL-P hotkey anywhere in the LEX main window.