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LEX Screenshots - What is new in version 1.2.004 ?

This page show the most important new features and abilities of LEX - The LDAP Explorer v1.2.004 in screenshots. You can get a detailed list of all technical changes introduced and bugs removed in this version in the LEX changelog website.

LEX can set passwords for AD accounts and generic LDAP accounts now

A new context menu option 'Set Password' is now available for the regarding object classes:

Setting passwords for AD accounts . Setting passwords for LDAP accounts

New Editors for Bitfields / Flag Attributes

LEX can decode important attribute of Active Directory objects now: There are several new specific attribute editors for Active Directory attributes which represents a flag value. The flags can be expressed either as a numeric value (mostly such attributes are actually bit fields...) or as a string containing several flag characters. The following attributes can now be edited directly: dsHeuristics, groupType, sAMAccountType, searchFlags, systemFlags, userAccountControl:

Editor for AD dsHeuristics attribute . Editor for AD groupType attribute . Editor for AD sAMAcountType attribute .

Editor for AD searchFlags attribute . Editor for AD systemFlags attribute . Editor for AD userAccountControl attribute

Bit Flag attribute handling while building LDAP filters and editing multiple objects

For the new bitfield/flag editors, you can set and remove bits now when you build LDAP filters or when you use the multiple objects editing feature:

Constructing LDAP filters with the new attribute editors . Editing bit field numerics for multiple objects. Editing specific flag attributes for multiple objects

Improvements for saved LDAP filters

Filters which contain date and time values can be stored in a time-relative manner ("All users which didn't log on for the last six months"). If you make subdirectories in your filter store directory, you can load them in a structured submenu according to the file directory structure.

Saving filters with relative date/time information . Structured LDAP filter load menues