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Attribute Editors

LEX comes with a bunch of attribute editors which can decode the different types of attribute data types. This topic describes all the editor dialogs which appear if you open an attribute to edit it's value or just to observe the attribute's content. The same editors are used if you want to create a new attribute for an object or if you want to add a new value member to a multi valued attribute.

There are two different types of attribute editors:

The decision what editor type is used for a certain attribute is made by LEX based on the following information:

  1. If the directory schema could be evaluated, LEX searches for the attribute type entries in the schema to determine the attribute syntax.

  2. The name of the attribute plays an important role, because some attribute have to be handled differently no matter what the schema says - for example if there are bitmaps or passwords encoded in normal binary attributes, or if date and time intervals are encoded in numeric values.

  3. If the LDAP server type could be detected by LEX, this information will be used as well in the decision process, together with some basic knowledge about operational attributes mentioned in the LDAP RFCs - for example creationTimestamp or modifyTimestamp.