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LEX Online Manual / Reference Guide

LEX - The LDAP Explorer: A powerful LDAP client on Windows with rich features.

For administrators of directories like OpenLDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory, iPlanet, DirX...
Helpful when you develop LDAP applications or when you maintain and automate your directory environment with scripts.

This online help manual and reference guide leads you through the usage of LEX.

In the Topic Introduction to LEX, you can get information about the first steps with LEX with the application and the main visual elements in the LEX graphical user interface. An additional topic here describes the command line parameter for LEX.

The topics Command Buttons, Menu Help, Application Options and Application Hotkeys gives you an manual of all the dialog options you encounter when you work with LEX.

The other topics are task-oriented descriptions of frequent situations according to directory management:

Connecting to LDAP Servers
Working with Objects
Working with LDAP Directories
Building LDAP Filters
Searching the Directory
Comparing Objects
Exporting Directory Data
Importing Directory Data