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Editor for Microsoft Large Integer Attributes

This editor is used to show, edit or create Microsoft large integer attributes. Such LDAP attributes are used quite exclusively in Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Editor for Microsoft large integer attributes

In the top area of this dialog, you see the distinguished name and type icon for the object whose attribute your are editing. In the line beneath, the attribute name is shown.

The values edited in this dialog are signed numeric values of 64 bit length with the following range:

Minimum value:
-9223372036854775808 (-2^63)         or
hex 0x8000000000000000

Maximum value:

9223372036854775807 (2^63 - 1)      or

Because such values are 8 byte long, this syntax is called Integer8 sometimes. In several APIs, large integer values are handled by accessing two 32 bit parts of the value: the HighPart and the LowPart. So these values are also visible and can be edited in this dialog.

When will the large integer editor will be used?

The large integer editor is used whenever LEX has valid schema information and detects one of the following official attribute syntaxes:


Large Integer/Interval {MS}

Large Integer/Interval {MS}

Please note that some Large Integer attributes are in fact date and time values or time intervals. You can read the manual topic about LDAP attribute syntaxes for the details. These attributes are opened with the editor for Microsoft timestamps or with the editor for Microsoft