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Move Object

Menu options: Move Object

This option can move objects into another container. Depending on the application focus, the move operation can be applied to the currently selected container in the treeview panel, or to all currently selected objects in the object list panel. In the Choose Destination Container dialog you can decide where to move the regarding object(s):

Choosing the destination for a move operation

Moving objects relies on an basic LDAP protocol method which is called 'Modify DN', because the storage place in the directory is contained in the object's distinguished name. So if we want to move objects from one container to another, we actually change the distinguished names of these objects.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP is specified in RFC 4511. A good description of the LDAP protocol can also be found at the LDAP description page at the SelfADSI LDAP Scripting tutorial.

Please note that some directories don't allow moving objects which have child objects. This is also called 'Subtree Move/Rename'. Another problem is the fact that the moved objects could be stored as references somewhere else in the directory tree. What happens to these references if we move an object?