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Add to Favorites

Menu options: Add

This option lets you add a single object to the favorites. It is only available if you are in the tree view panel or if you have only one object selected in the object list panel.

When creating a favorite menu entry, LEX asks you for menu label for the entry:

Adding a favorite entry

You can also choose where in the menu the object should be placed. You also can create new subfolders in the menu.

Selecting favorite subfolders

To re-arrange the menu folder structure for the favorite entries, you can use the menu option Favorites - Organize Favorites. Later this menu structure and the favorite entries are shown in the main favorites menu:

Using the favorite menu

If you choose a favorite entry, then LEX jumps to the regarding object:

Favorite menu jumps to object

Another, faster way to put create a favorite menu entry: Open the context menu directly in the tree view panel or the object list (right mouse-click) and use the option Add to favorites.

Creating favorite entries with the context menu

Click-and-Explore Favorites

LEX tries to create all favorites as 'Click-and-Explore' favorites. This means that together with the favorite object's LDAP path, the current LDAP connection profile setting is stored. Then you can use the favorite later even if you are not connected to a directory or if you are connected to another directory. LEX connects automatically to the server where the favorite object lays:

Disconnected LEX can use favorites

When a favorite entry with stored connection profile information is clicked, the correct connection will be opened:

Favorite entry opens the connection

There is a problem if you currently browse to an LDAP directory without using a connection profile - for example if you just entered the connection information in the LDAP Connections dialog and opened the connection without saving it to disk as a profile. If you want to create a favorite entry in such a situation, LEX asks you if you maybe want to create a connection profile now to ensure that you can use this favorite entry in every situation.

Creating a connection profile for a favorite entry

If you decide here not to create a profile, the favorite entry is just stored together with the current LDAP server name. Later such an entry is only available if you are connected to the very same server.