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Menu options: Refresh

This option reloads directory data from the server, so that the display of the tree view, the object list or the attribute list is refreshed. No matter which LEX main windo panel is currently focused: You can always refresh the display using the menu option View - Refresh (HotKey F5) or by pressing the regarding Reload button Reload directory info button.

Please note that for the treeview panel, there is a particularity when refreshing the directory info: This option reloads the directory tree content of the currently selected node, it's parent node and all it's child nodes. It DOES NOT refresh the complete tree in the treeview panel, because this can be very time consuming in large environments. Therefore this function refreshes "only" the neighborhood of the currently selected container. On the other hand - the refresh operation uses container as well as pseudo containers to built up the directory tree.

To reload the entire tree, choose the menu option View - Reload Entire Tree or press the Reload entire directory button Reload entire directory tree button. To operate economically on the regarding LDAP directory, this function takes only real container objects in account. Pseudo containers will not be used to reload the entire tree.