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Famous Filters

LEX can store LDAP filters to disk so that they can be re-used later on. There are several different situations where you can load these stored Filters: In the object list filter, in directory searches or generally in the LEX Filter Factory. LDAP filters are saved as simple text files which contain the filter string, these files are stored in the subdirectory 'LDAPFilter'.

LEX comes with a bunch of pre-defined filter files which can be used right away:

LDAP Filters for Active Directory Environments

AD - Computers:

AD - Contacts

AD - Domain Controllers

AD - Exchange Recipients

AD - Exchange Recipients - hidden

AD - Exchange Recipients - with FAX address

AD - Exchange Servers

-> Use the AD Forest configuration container as a search base!

AD - Global Catalogs
-> Use the AD Forest configuration container as a search base!

AD - Groups - empty

AD - Groups - security groups

AD - Objects - cant be deleted

AD - Objects - cant be renamed

AD - Users

AD - Users (more effective)

AD - Users - disabled

AD - Users - dont require password

AD - Users - mail enabled

AD - Users - password never expires

LDAP Filters for Novell eDirectory Environments

eDirectory - NetWare Servers

eDirectory - NetWare Volumes

eDirectory - ZEN Applications

LDAP Filters for all LDAP Environments (including Active Directory and eDirectory)

LDAP - Groups

LDAP - InetOrgperson


LDAP - Users

LDAP - Users - with Certificates
(&(|(objectClass=inetOrgPerson) (objectClass=user))(userCertificate=*))

LDAP - Users - with Passwords
-> For generic LDAP environments

LDAP - Users - without Mailaddress
-> For generic LDAP environments