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Editor for Distinguished Name Attributes

This editor is used to show, edit or create LDAP distinguished name (DN) attributes. The value(s) of this attributes is the full distinguished name of another object.

Editor for distinguished name attributes

In the top area of this dialog, you see the distinguished name and type icon for the object whose attribute your are editing. In the line beneath, the attribute name is shown.

The special thing about the distinguished name editor is it's ability to quick-search objects when you enter names are parts of names which can be used to find them. When the Check Names button Check Names button is active, you just have to enter a string and LEX will automatically search for directory objects which match to this string. If more than one objects match to the search string, then an additional dialog lets you choose the object from a list:

Auto check names

The search for this objects is done with the same criteria as in the simple search function when you use the Directory Search dialog. If you chose the object from the list, or if you entered directly the full distinguished name of an object, then LEX realizes that the string in the text box is a real DN, it is underline to show that LEX matches this information internally:

DN edit with auto check names completed

If the Check Names button is inactive, you can always try to resolve the string you entered into an objects DN by pressing F5.

Display Friendly Object Names

If you want to see the distinguished name in the text box in a shorter, more readable form, you can activate the Show friendly object names button Friendly Names button. This is the same feature which is used also in the LEX main windows object list.

DN edit with friendly names

When you are in the mode where the distinguished names are displayed as short relative names, you can move your mouse over the regarding objects name: A popup text line will show you the complete distinguished name:

Full info for friendly names

Browse for Object DNs

You also could browse for the object whose distinguished name shall be the attribute value: Just use the Browse button and a object selection browser will appear. If you have to search for a DN in another namespace or another LDAP directory, you can press CTRL-O to connect to any reachable LDAP server.

Browse for the DN attribute value

Multiple DNs editor mode

There is a special mode of the distinguished name editor dialog when you add object DNs to a multi valued attribute. This is quite often the case, for example in the handling of group memberships. So if you choose the option Edit - Add Array Member (or press the PLUS key on a multi valued DN attribute), you can enter several different DNs in one step. You have to separate the DN values with semicolons when you enter them:

Add several objects to a DN attribute in one step

When will the distinguished name editor will be used?

The distinguished name editor is used whenever LEX has valid schema information and detects one of the following official attribute syntaxes:



Object(OR-Name) {MS}