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Rename Object

Menu options: Rename Object

This option allows to rename the currently selected object - it is only available if you are in the treeview panel or in the object list and if only one single object is currently selected.

If you are in the treeview panel or if you use friendly name display in the object list panel, then you can set the new object name directly in the LEX main window:

Renaming an object directly in the list

IF you are in the object list and the object display is configured to show the full distinguished names or to show objects in all subcontainers, then a Rename Object dialog is shown where you can set the complete relative distinguished name:

Renaming an object with the Rename Object dialog

Please note that the rename operation can break the referential integrity in some directory systems, depending on the type of LDAP server and its configuration. Imaging an object which is referred to in an attribute of another object. A good example for this are group membership attributes. What happens to this attribute if we change the name of the object? You can read more about the techniques of referential integrity in the manual topic Renaming Directory Objects.

To rename an object, you can also select it in the list and press the F2 key. There may be situations where the Rename Object option may be disabled. This might be if the LEX ReadOnly Mode is active, or when the application focus lays on the attribute list.