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Comparing Objects

LEX can compare two object on an attribute base. This is done by displaying the regarding objects side by side in a compare window, all attributes are contrasted to each other so that you can figure out easily what values are equal, which are unequal and which values are not existent for one of the objects:

Object Compare window

The good thing is: You can compare objects from different LDAP connections - therefore you could check the value matching for objects in different directories, or you could see if you get different results from a server if you are connected with different credentials!

There are different ways to initiate an object comparison:

  1. Select an object in the LEX main window and use the menu option Tools - Select for Compare (Left Side). Now you can choose another object in the same or another LEX main windows - no matter to what directory server this LEX instance is connected to. Then you can use the menu option Tools - Compare with... to open the object compare window.

  2. You follow exact the same approach as described above, but you use the options from the context menus after you selected the regarding objects (right mouse-click).

  3. Open the attribute window for an object, for example by pressing Alt-Enter or using the menu option Connection - Attributes. In this window, just press the Compare this object with another button Compare this object with another button and choose another object. In the dialog for selecting the object, you even could connect to another directory server.

In the Object Compare Window, you can use just the same techniques to display and edit attributes as in a normal attribute window.

You can use the Select buttons to get another object in the left or right compare panel. And you have the following command buttons available:

Compare window command buttons

For a brief overview of the command buttons in the attribute window, you can open the manual topic about the Object Compare Window Command Buttons.

For the handling of the attribute window, the following topics are available: