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Copy and Paste of Attribute Values

LEX has different modes to handle the clipboard. Copy and paste of attribute values can be used in two different ways:

Internal Copy and Paste between objects

This is the most interesting copy and paste feature. You can grab some attribute (or only a few single lines of a multi valued attribute) and paste it directly into another object - or even into several other object at the same time!

This can be done with the menu option Edit - Paste Attribute or just by pressing CTRL-V when you selected one or more objects in the object list panel or in the treeview panel. LEX remembers the name and type of the copied attribute so that the value are written to same attribute at the destination object(s):

Copy an attribute value to the clipboard

This was the copy operation done with LEX. Here is the corresponding paste:

Paste an attribute value to the clipboard

Before LEX pastes the attribute values into the other object, it checks the attribute for existing values. If the attribute already contains values at the destination object(s), you will be asked whether the old values should be replaced by the clipboard value or not. If not, the clipboard values will be merged into the destination objects values:

Merge and replace mode when pasting attributes

Standard Copy and Paste with external applications

If you copied the value of some attribute lines, it's stored in the clipboard as text. So you can paste it in every other application where text from the clipboard can be inserted:

Paste attribute data into another application

If you copy a complete multivalue, then all the attribute array members are in the cliboard. This is especially useful if you want to get a text list from group members or similar multi values:

Paste multivalue data into another application

Even data copied from a binary attribute can be taken from the cliboards in other applications as a hexadecimal string:

Paste binary data into another application