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Displaying Hex/Octetstring Attributes

If an attribute has binary data, it is displayed with an HEX string which show the hexadecimal values. This is the case no matter if you are in the LEX main window object list, the attribute panel or in a standalone attribute window.

Hex output for binary values

Sometime there are attributes which have an binary data type syntax, although there is text contained in this values. LEX can toggle the display for binary values so that you can see the ASCII characters contained in that values:

ASCII output for binary values

And switched back to the binary hex output:

Hex output for binary values

You could change the binary attribute name display with the the Show hex output for hex values button Show hex output for attributes with hex values button - or you use one of the menu options View - List output Settings - Show Hex Output for attributes with Hex Values or with the menu option View - Attribute output Settings - Show Hex Output for Attributes with Hex Values.

These are different places to configure the binary value output, but in fact it's only one central setting which affects the object list as well as the attribute list.

You could also switch the display for a single binary attribute row in an attribute list with the context menu (right mouse click) and the option Show Data as Hex Values / Show Data as ASCII String.