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Search Results

The results of your LDAP search is presented in an additional non-modal LDAP browser window:

The LDAP search result window

With the LDAP Base button, you can chosse another directory container as the LDAP base of your search.


The LDAP search result window

With the LDAP Filter button, you can reasign another LDAP filter for the search. The editor dialog for this filter is the same as the filter constructor dialog in the LEX Filter Factory.

The LDAP search result window

If you have saved LDAP filters to disk before, you can even quick-load these filters by using the drop down menu of the LDAP Filter button:

The LDAP search result window

You see no directory tree panel on the left side of the result list window, and you cannot change the base container (this is fixed to the LDAP base of your search) but it is a fully functional LEX browser window in every other sense. You can rename, edit or remove objects in this list, you can even create new objects (note the Base container at the top of the window - this is the container where the new objects would be created).

Or you can change the display of these objects, just if you were in a "real" LEX main window. Here is an example with the attribute lists shown for the currently selected object together with friendly name output for the distinguished names:

Customized display in the search result window



If you double-click an object in the search result window, you jump to the original LEX where your search was initiated, and the focus is changed to the clicked object - no matter in what subcontainer or subtree this object is:

Point and jump to search result objects