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The LDAP Connections Dialog - Columns

This topic describes the Columns tab in the LDAP Connections dialog:

Connections dialog - Columns tab

In the default configuration, LEX show only two columns in the main window's object list: One for the object's name and one for the object's type. Later on, you can configure to show any object attributes to be shown directly in the list as additional columns:

Attribute columns in object lists

The sets of column attributes can be saved to disk, LEX stores them as normal text *.txt files containing the column attribute names. The column set files are stored in the subdirectory LDAPAttributeSets in your LEX profile directory.

Normally, LEX starts every time with the column set which was used last time when the application was closed. But in this dialog, you can choose an column attribute set which is used for the display of the object list. Always remember that you first have to save a column attribute set to disk before you can choose one here. This is done with the menu option View - Column Field Chooser - Save Column Set.

In the LDAP Connection dialog, you can load the column filter sets very quickly by opening the drop down menu at the Load button. LEX examines the LDAPAttributeSets subdirectory and builds the pull down menu accordingly:

Quick load of column attribute sets