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Application Options - Attribute Filter

In this dialog, you can configure the filter which applies to the attribute list. With the filter you can exclusively include or exclude certain attributes from the attribute list. The filter is also used when you open an attribute window or the compare dialog.

Please note that the attribute filter works only if there was a correct schema evaluation for the current LDAP server.

Application options: Attribute Filter

Please remember that the attribute display could also be affected by the configuration for unused attributes. The attribute filter specifies generally what attributes LEX shows in the list, with the Show Only Attributes That Have Values button Show only attributes that have values button you configure in addition to that if the empty values are visible or not. So both settings are mixed together- what you see is an intercetion.

Show all attributes, do not apply filter

If you activate this option, no filter is applied to the attribute list: You see all attributes which were returned from the server.

Show only the following in the attribute lists

If you activate this option, only the attribute with the names listed in the box below will be displayed in the attribute lists (assumed that the server returned this attribute in this response).

Show all except the following in the attribute lists

If you activate this option, all attributes which the server returned are shown in the list except the ones which names are listed in the box below.

Filter attributes

In this list, you can build a list of the attributes, for which you want to filter the display - according to the settings of the options described above. You have the following buttons to add/remove an attribute to/from the list:

Add: This adds a single attribute name to the list. You can enter th name in the textbox right beside the button. LEX can even show the existing attributes in the pulldown menu of the text box. You can use the Add button only if the textbox is not empty.

Select from list: This opens a dialog, where you can select one or more attributes from the complete list of all attributes in the directory schema. The selected attribute names will be added to the filter list.

Delete: This deletes all the attribute names from the filter list which are currently selected.

Load: You can load a previously saved attribute list here. LEX stores the appropriate files in the Profile and Filter Storage Path in the subdirectory 'LDAPAttributeSets' as text files. When you use the pull down menu of this button, LEX searches this subdirectory for files and gives you the possibility to immediately load the attribute sets without any further dialog action. Even if you never saved an attribue filter list before, there should be some examples which were installed together with the application.

Save: You can save the current attribute list into a text file, which can be loaded easily later on if you need it again. LEX stores the appropriate attribute set files in the Profile and Filter Storage Path in the subdirectory 'LDAPAttributeSets' as text files.