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Menu options: Attributes

This option opens an attribute window with a list of all LDAP attributes of the currently selected object:

LEX attribute window

If your application focus is currently set to the treeview panel, then the attributes of the selected container are shown. If the object list has the focus and only one single object is selected, then the attributes of this objects are shown in the attribute window.

You could also press ENTER on a normal object to show the attribute window. For this hotkey opens the sub hierarchy on containers, you have to use ALT-ENTER on container objects to show the attributes.

There may be situations where the Attributes option may be disabled. This might be if you are not connected to any directory, or if application focus lays on the attribute list in the main window. Or the LEX ReadOnly Mode is active and you selected more than one object in the object list panel (see annotations below).

A special case is a situation where more than one object is selected: You cannot see the attributes of all these objects simultaneously, but you can edit attributes for all the objects in one single step.

The attribute window for multiple object editing is opened:

LEX dialog for multiple object editing

You can set now attribute values like in a normal "single object" edit operation. There are some interesting additional possibilities for multiple object editing - you can get information about these in the Editing Multiple Objects topic in the manual.