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Editor for Novell EMail Address Attributes

This editor is used to show, edit or create Novell email address attributes. This LDAP attribute syntax is used quite exclusively in Novell eDirectory environments and contains an address Type identifier and the Address:

Editor for Novell email address attributes

In the top area of this dialog, you see the distinguished name and type icon for the object whose attribute your are editing. In the line beneath, the attribute name is shown.

In the drop down menu of the Type value, you can choose from the wellknown Novell address types:

1 - SMF70 (MHS)
2 - SMF71 (MHS)
3 - SMTP
4 - X400

In the Address text box, there can be any mail address string - accordind to the chosen address type.

Editing the raw data

If you opened a Novell email address attribute with this editor dialog, you can also display and edit the data in it's basic form if you want: Just press on the Raw label in the bottom left corner of the dialog. The editor is switched to an text editor then:

Editing the raw Novell email address data

The Novell email address attribute syntax describes basically a value is a 'tagged' address string:

<numeric string> # <mail address string>

The leading numeric value normally specifies the address type: 1 - SFM70(MHS), 2 - SFM71(MHS), 3 - SMTP, 4 - x.400, 5 - SNADS, 6 - PROFS.

When will the Novell email address editor will be used?

The string editor is used whenever LEX has valid schema information and detects the following official attribute syntax: