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Refreshing the Attribute List Content

The content of the attribute list can be easily refreshed by choosing View - Refresh (when the application focus lays in the attribute list panel) or just by pressing F5 or the Reload attribute info button Reload attribute info button.

Please note that if you refresh an attribute list, LEX realizes exactly what attribute values has changed, these attributes are marked as red in the list. So if you examines an object's attribute list and changes a property of the object with some other program (for example with the standard admin GUI tool of your directory), you can easily detect what attributes were touched by the administrative action:

Attribute access with admin tool

And this is what LEX shows for the regarding object when you refresh the attribute view:

Attribute access in LEX view

You can configure the color for the attributes which was detected as changed by LEX. Go to the options dialog Tools - Options - Colors and change the Font color for attributes with changed values.

Reload attribute info button The Reload attribute info button refreshes the content of the attribute list. Changes in attribute values are marked in a different color.