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Menu options: Connect

This menu options opens the LEX LDAP Connections dialog, were you can configure and open the connection to another directory server. There is a hotkey for this menu option: CTRL-O.

The LDAP Connections dialog:

LDAP Connections dialog

A detailed description on LDAP connection operations can be found in the manual at the topic Connecting to LDAP Servers.

Basicly you can do two things in the LDAP Connections dialog:

  1. You can select an existing LDAP connection which was saved to disk before and activate it. A list of these connection profiles is shown on the left side of the dialog window.
  2. You can configure a new connection (press the New button) by entering all the regarding settings on the right window panel. At least you have to configure the name/address of the LDAP server, the user credentials for authentication and the ldap base container, which you want to be displayed as the root in the browser.

If a new connection is activated, your currently active LDAP session will be disconnected and an LDAP bind operation will be performed to the regarding server. On a successful authentication, the configured base container will be evaluated for the according hierarchy information and the tree view cache. After that the objects are displayed in the LEX main window and you can start to browse the directory information.

The LDAP connection profiles which you can see on the left panel in the connection dialog will be saved in the Profile and Filter Storage Path. The profile files are stored there as files with name 'LEXProfile-*.ini'. They are binary encrypted with the Rijndael encryption (AES Advanced Encryption Standard). so if a user password is contained in the profile, it is very well protected against disclosure.