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Quick Edit Value

Menu options: Quick Edit Attribute

This option allows you to set a new attribute value directly in the attribute list. You see an in place editor field for the regarding attribute in the list:

Editing attributes directly in the attribute list

Just enter a new string, number or distinguished name and press ENTER. Then LEX writes the new value into the directory and replaces the old value. If you don't want to replace the value but add a new value to a multi valued attribute, use the Add Array Member option.

Please note that the quick edit mechanism is only available for attributes with the following attribute syntaxes:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Distinguished Name
  • Microsoft Large Integer
  • Novell Counter

All other syntaxes are too complex to change the value directly in the list row, if you try to use this option here, the normal attribute editor is shown.

To quick edit the value of an object, you can also select it in the list and press the F2 key. There may be situations where the Quick Edit Value option may be disabled. This might be if the LEX ReadOnly Mode is active, or when the application focus doesn't lay on the attribute list.