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Show distinguished name in Novell notation button Show Distinguished Names in Novell Notation

Show distinguished name in Novell notation button

This button changes the display of distinguished names in the attribute list. When the button is pressed, the names are shown in Novell notation:


Novell notation display in attribute window

Please note that you see the dotted Novell notation only if you disable the friendly name output for the distinguished names.

Each object has a distinguished name which determines not only the object's name itself but also the place where the object is stored in the directory hierarchy. These distinguished names are specified in RFC 4514 and you can find a good description on LDAP distinguished names in the SelfADSI tutorial. In some directory environments, the distinguished name are handled not in the pure LDAP way, but with a slightly different notation. Primarily in Novell eDirectory environments the dotted notation is widely used. So you can switch to this output if you want.

Example for an LDAP distinguished name:


Example for the same name in Novell notation:


The Show Distinguished Names in Novell Notation button is not available if the attribute window is in text output mode.