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Reload Entire Tree

Menu options: Reload Entire Tree

This menu option reloads the entire directory tree structure from the LDAP server. The LEX treeview cache is completely rebuilt and updated to disk after the reload.

To reload the entire directory tree, you could also use the Reload entire directory info button Reload entire directory tree buttonwhen the focus is in the treeview panel.

Reloading the entire directory hierarchy into the treeview cache can last quiet a long time in large environments with a lot of subcontainers. To operate economically on the regarding LDAP directory, this function takes only real container objects in account. Pseudo containers will not be used to reload the entire tree.

During the cache operation, you see the progress in the status bar at the bottom of the main window:

The status bar

In the first step, LEX has to evaluate the total count of existing containers in the tree - in this stage of the process, you cant see any progress because LEX is waiting for an LDAP response from the server. After that, the hierarchical structure is built and you can see the real progress. You can abort the cache operation with the red Stop button.