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The LDAP Connections Dialog - Attribute Filter

This topic describes the Attribute Filter tab in the LDAP Connections dialog:

Connections dialog - Attribute Filter tab

In the default configuration, LEX shows all attributes that are returned from the server in the attribute list panel or in attribute windows. However, you can configure a filter which is applied to the request. You can decide already in the LDAP connection dialog if you want to use such a filter.

So you could choose for example that only specific attributes are shown in the attribute lists - regardless of what object you examine. Or you could choose to exclude some attributes from the display because you are connected with low bandwidth to the LDAP server and want to see only what you need.

An active attribute filter

For specifying attributes to be filtered, you first need to save a list of attribute names (an 'attribute filter set'). You can create and save such sets in the option Tools - Options - Attribute Filter:

Configuring the attribute filter

The filter definition consists of a list of attributes which can be exclusively included or generally excluded in the attribute list. There are easy ways to save and load filter. LEX stores the appropriate filter files in the Profile and Filter Storage Path in the subdirectory 'LDAPAttributeSets' as text files. By the way: The attribute filter sets and the column attribute sets have the same format and are stored in the same directory.

In the LDAP Connection dialog, you can load the attribute filter sets very quickly by opening the drop down menu at the Load button. LEX examines the LDAPAttributeSets subdirectory and builds the pull down menu accordingly:

Quick load of attribute filter sets