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The Tree View Panel

The Treeview panel is a visual element of the LEX browser:

LEX treeview panel

The hierarchical structure of the LDAP directory tree is shown here. You can use the tree structure just like any other standard windows application treeview: expand/collapse the tree nodes by clicking on the PLUS/MINUS symbols or by pressing the RIGHT/LEFT keys. You can move through the tree structure with the UP/DOWN keys or with the mouse. When you mark an element of a list of shown child nodes, you can jump to a certain element by entering the first few characters of the elements name on the keyboard.

Please keep in mind that the LDAP directory tree in the treeview panel is NOT refreshed automatically. If you want to refresh or reload the content, read this topic:

To speed up the handling of this tree structure even in very large directories, LEX uses two different techniques.

  • Tree Caching: How can LEX shows the directory tree so fast after the first visit of an LDAP directory?

  • Container Class Evaluation: How can LEX know what a container object is (=> show in the tree view panel) and what a leaf object is (=> show in the treeview panel and in the object list panel).

You can hide the treeview panel completely if you want to work only with the object and attribute lists. For more information, have a look at this topic: