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Attribute Window Text Output

By default, all attributes in the attribute window in a way similar to the attribute list panel in the main window of LEX. But you could also display the attributes and their value as a text summary which can be read more easily sometimes - or which you could use to insert in a text document.

Attribute window text output

Toggling between normal and text output

To change between normal list output and the text output display, just click on the field named TEXT in the status bar at the bottom of the window:

Attribute window text output

Display of binary data

Binary attributes will be displayed in an dual way: First all binary data is presented in a hexadecimal editor display, in the next output line the same data is presented in ASCII encoding (as far as the characters are printable as ASCII). The Set the hex data output width button Set the hex data ouput width button in the status bar configures the output for the hexadecimal output:

Attribute window binary output adjustment

You can choose between several fixed output widths, or you can choose to let LEX automatically adjust the output width according to your current attribute window size.

Attribute window binary output width

Please remember that you cannot edit the values in this mode, they are only displayed as if they were presented in an hexadecimal editor. If you want to edit values, you have to switch to the normal list output, there you can click on the attribute and use a real hexadecimal editor to change the value.

Set the hex data ouput width button The Set the hex data output width button configures in the attribute window the width of the 'hexadecimal editor' output for binary attributes especially in text output mode in the.