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Editor for String Attributes

This editor is used to show, edit or create LDAP string attribute values.

Editor for string attributes

In the top area of this dialog, you see the distinguished name and type icon for the object whose attribute your are editing. In the line beneath, the attribute name is shown.

You can decide if you want to enter text in insert or override mode, just klick on the Overwrite label in the left bottom corner or press the Insert key to toggle this setting.

You can also decide if the text in the texbox should be line wrapped to fit into the text box or not - click on the Wrap label to change this setting:

String editing without word wrap

String editing with word wrap

When will the string editor will be used?

The string editor is used whenever LEX has valid schema information and detects one of the following official attribute syntaxes:


Attribute Type Description

Bit String

Country String

Directory String

DIT Content Rule Description

DIT Structure Rule Description

Facsimile Telephone Number

IA5 String

LDAP Syntax Description

LDAP Schema Definition

LDAP Schema Description

Matching Rule Description

Matching Rule Use Description

MHS OR Address

Name And Optional UID

Name Form Description

Object Class Description

Other Mailbox

Postal Address

Presentation Address

Printable String

Substring Assertion

Subtree Specification

Telephone Number

Teletex Terminal Identifier

Telex Number


String(Teletext) {Microsoft}


String(CaseSensitive) {Microsoft}


CaseIgnore List {Novell}

String(Object-Identifier) {Microsoft}

String(Case-Sensitive) {Microsoft}

String(Teletext) {Microsoft}

String(IA5/Printable) {Microsoft}

String(Unicode) {Microsoft}

Object(Presentation-Address) {MS}

On the other hand, if LEX assumes an attribute type as 'unknown' or if LEX could not evaluate the schema at all, it uses the string editor if the server returns the attribute value as a string and not as binary data. This would be the case for the following attribute syntaxes:

ACI Item

Access Point

Data Quality Syntax

Delivery Method

DL Submit Permission

DSA Quality Syntax

DSE Type

Enhanced Guide


Master And Shadow Access Points

Mail Preference

Modify Rights

Protocol Information

Supplier Information

Supplier Or Consumer

Supplier And Consumer

Supported Algorithm


Octet List {Novell}