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Displaying Multivalued Attributes

Many LDAP object attributes are stored as multi-valued attributes. That means that the attribute consists of an array of values. There are two basic modes for displaying such multi valued attributes when you display an attribute list somewhere in LEX, whether it is in the LEX main window attribute panel or in a standalone attribute window:

  • Condensed Output: The attribute is shown in one line. The label '____ARRAY____' indicates that this is actually not just one value, the value count is also visible:

    Show multi values collapsed

  • Full Output: There is one line for each value in the attribute, they are grouped by a header line (if you have sorted the list by the attributes name):

    Show full multi values

You can toggle the entire list output regarding the multivalues by using the menu option View - Attribute List Output - Show Multivalued Attributes. You cold also use the Show Multivalued Attributes button Show multivalued attributes button to switch the display mode from multi valued to condensed output and back.

Please note that there is a quick and easy way to switch the multi valued display for one single attribute in the list: Just press the SPACE key on your keyboard or use the context menu (right mouse click) and the option Show Multivalue as Array / Show Multivalue as Singe Line.

Full Multivalue Display in Object Lists ?

Only the attribute lists can show the full attribute values for multi valued attribute. If you display such attribute in the object list in the LEX main window, there can only be the condensed output shown. this is because in the object list, there is space for one line per object only!

Multi values in the object list