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LEX - The LDAP Explorer has two operational modes:

  • ReadOnly Mode: All operations to create, change or delete directory objects are blocked. This is for security reasons to prevent unintentional changes to the directory. There is a special topic about the ReadOnly Mode here in the manual.

  • Full Read/Write Mode: LEX has full read/write capabilities according to the permissions of the user which launched the application.

As the ReadOnly Mode is the default mode for a newly installed LEX, users get this warning when they first launch the application:

LEX readonly mode dialog

If you activate the checkbox Don't show this dialog again, then LEX will be started in ReadOnly mode this time and the next application launches without this dialog, until you enable ReadWrite Mode later in Tools - Options - General. On the other hand, you could choose to stay in ReadOnly mode, but to show the warning dialog again at each program launch - this would be configured in Tools - Options - Dialog Settings.

If you continue with the ReadOnly Mode, all buttons and menu option which are related to write access operations (edit / delete / move / rename and so on) are disabled:

Deactivated write access

Deactivated write access

You can also disable/enable the ReadOnly Mode later in the application by choosing the option Tools - Options:

Menu option Tools - Options

The checkbox Run LEX in ReadOnly mode is in the General tab:

LEX Options- General tab