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The Attribute List Panel

The Attribute List panel is a visual element of the LEX browser, which shows you the LDAP attributes of the currently selected object:

The attribute list panel

In the List, you see the general types of the attributes indicated with an icon. The attribute name, value and specific type are shown in separated columns. Additional columns show the value size (in bytes), and if the attributes are marked with flags:

  • Single: LDAP attributes can store multiple values by default. If this flag is set, the regarding attribute can store only one single value.

  • Must: Some attributes are mandatory for a specific object class. An object with this class cannot exists without all Must-attributes set.

  • R/O: Same attributes are Read/Only, they could be operational attributes or constructed attributes, which values are calculated by the server only for the LDAP request.

  • Operational: Operational attributes are used by the directory server itself, some implementations mark attributes operational to show the user that these attributes are rather internal than for client use.

  • Idx: In Active Directory environments, LEX doesn't show the Operational flag. The information whether an attribute is internally indexed by the server is shown instead. Indexed attributes allow very fast LDAP searches if they are used in LDAP filters.

Please note that the attribute types and flags can only shown by LEX if there was a correct schema evaluation for the current LDAP server. Without schema information, LEX can show only the attribute name, value and value size.

It's also important to know that the attribute list becomes invisible if you select more than one object in the object list:

Selecting more than one object in the list

For the handling of the attribute list panel, the following topics are available: