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The Address Bar

The Address Bar is a visual element of the LEX browser. It shows you the LDAP distinguished name of the object which is currently selected in the directory treeview panel or in the object list.

The LEX address bar

You can enter a distinguished name manually and jump to the regarding object in the directory hierarchy. Just enter the distinguished or enter the first characters of a name which was formerly selected (a pull down menu with suggestions appears). After pressing the Go to button Go To button, LEX jumps to the regarding object. Please note that this works only for objects which are part of the currently shown directory tree. For example, you cannot enter object distinguished names from other directory name spaces and jump to it.

On the left side of the address bar, there are a Back Back button and a Forward Forward button button. With these buttons, you can scroll though the last 16 objects which was selected during the current LDAP connection.

If you want to hide the address bar to have a more basic GUI view of the LEX, you can hide it with the menu option View - Tool Bars - Address Bar.

Go To button The Got to button jumps to the distinguished name which was entered in the address bar.

Back button Forward button The Back and the Forward buttons can browse through the list of the last 16 objects which were selected in the current LDAP connection.