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Menu options: RootDSE

This option shows the RootDSE properties of the currently connected LDAP server. The regarding attributes are shown in a standard LEX attribute window:

RootDSE entry of a SUN LDAP server

Another example:

RootDSE entry of a Microsoft Active Directory LDAP server

RootDSE is the abbreviation for Root Directory Service Entry. This is a special pseudo object which holds general information about the LDAP directory and server. This information is stored in text attributes in the RootDSE. Normally the RootDSE entry can be read even for anonymous clients.

Common details you can evaluate in the RootDSE are the name spaces which ar published by the server, the manufacturer/version of the server software, the extensions/controls which are supported by the server and so on.

The RootDSE and its structure are described in RFC 4512 - LDAP: Directory Information Models. On the LDAP description of the SelfADSI tutorial web site, you can find detailed explanations about the technical access on the RootDSE entry in general.

Some important values of the supportedCapabilities and supportedControl attributes: