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The Status Bar

The Status Bar is a visual element of the LEX browser. It is displayed on the bottom of the LEX application windows and shows messages about the current operation progress of the program's activities.

The status bar

An important information about SSL connections is shown in the right corner of the status bar: If you configured a connection to use LDAP with SSL encryption, a small icon indicates if the SSL certificate of the current LDAP server was valid or not.

A valid server certificate:

Indication of an valid SSL certificate in the status bar

An invalid server certificate:

Indication of an invalid SSL certificate in  the status bar

You could click on the icon to get more information about the certificate. Regardless if the certificate is valid or not, an existing SSL icon indicates an encrypted LDAP connection. However, you cannot trust invalid certificate because they don't guarantee the identity of the server you are connected with. More information about LDAP SSL connections are given in the manual topic Connecting to LDAP servers.

The status bar can show you if LEX is operatig in ReadOnly Mode. In this case, you see the operation mode indicator in the right corner:

Status Indicator for ReadOnly Mode in the status bar

Indicator for ReadOnly Mode: All the LEX functions which can be used to change the data in the directory are blocked. This is for security reasons to prevent unintentional changes to the directory.

Status Indicator for ReadWrite Mode in the status bar

Indicator for normal operation mode where write access is possible (if the current user credentials have the appropiate permissions). To emphasize the fact that directory data can be changed now and that LEX normally cannot undo this changes, the status indicator is blinking in this case.

You can disable the display of the status indicator in the application options: Tools - Options - Dialog Settings - Indicate READONLY / READWRITE mode in status bar.

If you want to hide the status bar to have a more basic GUI view of the LEX, you can hide it with the menu option View - Tools Bars - Status Bar.