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Add new attribute button Add New Attribute

Add new attribute button

This button adds a new attribute to the object which is shown in the attribute window. If you use it, the Create new attribute dialog is shown. You can choose here the name of the attribute, the data type (also called attribute syntax) and of course the value:


Create new attribute dialog

If you use the drop down menu you can choose one of the attributes which are known from the directory schema. LEX shows you automatically the correct attribute syntax in this case. Please note that this functions are only available if the LDAP schema is evaluated correctly from the server.

Create new attribute dialog

To create a new attribute, you can also press the INSERT key or use the menu option Edit - Add New Attribute.

Another way to create attributes is to deactivate the Show only attributes that have values button Show only attributes that have values button. Then all the attributes are shown that your currently selected object can have. To create an attribute which was not set for the object before, just select the regarding attribute and double-click it, or press F2 or ENTER to edit its value:

Inplace editing of attributes

The Add new attribute button Add new attribute button is not available if the attribute window is in text output mode. If you see the button, but it is disabled and gray, then your LEX is probably in Read Only mode.