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Remove attribute button Remove Attribute

Remove attribute button

This main window button deletes one or more attribute value - according to the current selection in the attribute list. ATTENTION: LEX cannot undo a delete operation in the directory. So be careful if you answer yes to the regarding warning message.


Add a new array member

To remove an attribute, you could also press the DELETE key on your keyboard or use the menu option Edit - Remove Attribute when the focus is set to the attribute list panel.

If you selected a single value attribute line in the attribute list, the attribute will be deleted. If you selected one line of a multi valued attribute, then only the according array value will be removed from the attribute:

Remove a single attribute

If you want to remove the entire attribute, just select the header line and use the Remove attribute Button Remove attribute button:

Remove a multivalued attribute

By the way: If you see the Remove attribute button Remove attribute button disabled and gray, then your LEX is probably in Read Only mode.