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Resolve SID Attributes to Objects

Menu options: Resolve Sids to Objects

This is a utility for Active Directory environments. If you choose this option, LEX checks all the currently displayed attributes in the attribute list panel if they have a Microsoft Security ID (SID) data structure. If attributes which such SID contents are found, the SID are resolved to the regarding directory objects. This is especially useful if you want to know in what groups an Active Directory user or computer is member of. These memberships (including the nested, indirect memberships) are listed in the attributes tokenGroups, but only as SIDs...

Resolving SID values to object names

No attribute data is changed in the directory with this function - it's only the display which is changed to show you the objects behind the currently displayed SIDs.

Please note: In some cases it is not possible to resolve a SID into a distonguished name. LEX can only resolve SIDs wihch are representing objects in the same AD Forest or for the connected AD (in case it's a AD LDS directory server).